How to bypass CloudFlare bot protection ?

Our DNS zone (you can use what ever IP you want)
Our route to the worker
>>> from cfproxy import CFProxy
>>> proxy = CFProxy('', 'A random User-Agent', '')
>>> req = proxy.get('')
>>> print(req.status_code)
>>> print(req.text)
You can use any other trigger
  • ACCEPT: */*
  • CDN-LOOP: cloudflare; subreqs=1
  • CF-CONNECTING-IP: 2a06:98c0:3600::103 (could be any Cloudflare IP)
  • CF-EW-VIA: 15
  • CF-VISITOR: {"scheme":"https"}
  • CF-WORKER: (OPSEC Warning !)
  • CONNECTION: Keep-Alive
  • HOST:
  • USER-AGENT: My Random User-Agent
  • X-FORWARDED-FOR: (yes, we can override this header with whatever we want !)
If it’s not a bug it’s a feature …




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